Synergy Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy!!

Synergy Hot Stone is one of the most amazing massage techniques of its kind.  I love the flow of the heated stones across the body providing a tranquil zen experience.   The stones are heated with a specialized heating pad instead of using water.  The process of no water allows for ease in preparation and provides a much more pleasurable experience for the client.  The synergy stones attain heat for longer periods of time than normal hot stones.  My clients love the feel of this massage modality and its frequently requested and revisited often.  I hope you will come and visit me very soon to experience this extraordinary massage!!!  

     For More information about this type of hot stone massage modality (Synergy Hot Stones)  I personally choose to use in my practice please click HERE.  

     To book your Synergy Hot Stone Massage with me  CLICK HERE!!!

      Below is a video of the Synergy Hot Stone Massage Technique and different types of stones utilized in the process.  


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